Security IoT : HS500 

32-bit ARM® CortexTM-M0 Core @96MHz

HS500 is a powerful microprocessor with the extensive security features such as hardwired cryptography engine, secure storage, secure booting and key provisioning mechanism to support IoT security and connectivity applications. The HS500 is versatile for IoT applications as well as the user identification applications.


Internet of Things

  • LoRaWan, NB-IoT, Sigfox
  • Secure Sensor to Ethernet
  • Secure IP Camera
  • Microsoft Azure IoT


  • FIDO2
  • PKI

Security IoT : Secure over Sigfox 

The HS-SRF100 (Secure Sensor-to-Sigfox module) module is powered by HS500, which is one of the most advanced security SoC's in the industry supporting the hardware-based security functions such as hardwired crypto engines, secure storage, and secure booting features. The module is pre-programmed which is optimized to receive the full support from the HS500 hardware crypto engines.

Platform Service

We are developing an optimized platform based on innovative technology to maximize the utility of IoT devices and rail robots. This platform leverages advanced features and intelligent automation technology to efficiently perform real-time logistics cargo tracking, status verification, railway tunnel facility inspections, and safety management. Additionally, it realizes automated inspections and safety management based on predefined scenarios, enhancing the overall safety of facilities through proactive measures.

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